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edTactics provides community outreach and capital facilities services for school districts.

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Business Consulting

Sometimes it’s okay to admit that you need help, even when it comes to running a business. Business owners run their businesses because they’re good at making products or offering services, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good at the myriad of behind-the-scenes aspects of running a business. That’s where irx, LLC comes in. From activities as mundane as finding a good place to buy pre-printed checks to developing a future growth strategy, irx can help you develop your business the way you want it and beyond.


Having a good communications strategy for your business involves both traditional and electronic media, as well as developing good relationships with your local news outlets. Your communications plan should involve several technique and ideas while targeting your customers directly through focused campaigns and broadly through local newspapers, radio and television stations. irx LLC can do it all!


In your business or your home, technology can be wonderful when it works and terrible when it breaks. As frustrating as it can be having technology not work the way you expect, finding the right person to get you up and running can be aggravating to no end. Look no further. irx will provide you with the support you’re looking for: from getting your new project started to maintaining and fixing the tech you have. irx can help you every step of the way from giving you product recommendations to buying and installing your new equipment.

How can I get the Start Menu back in Windows 8?

Microsoft's newest version of Windows, Windows 8.1, brought significant changes to the Windows operating system including touch support and the general operating approach regardless of whether the user owns a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone running Windows 8....

Should I buy a Fitbit?

The idea of wearable technology that could track my fitness seems brilliant - who wouldn't want a device automatically helping you figure out your health by tracking your activity levels plus your sleep patterns that syncs with both your computer and your smartphone?...

Can I get viruses on my Mac?

Ever since the introduction of the first Apple Macintosh in 1984, people felt like Mac users lived outside the realm of computer viruses. Some people point to the inherent security of the Mac OS (now OS X) as protecting them from viruses, however this isn't...

Getting the Word Out

Do your customers know about your business's accomplishments and offerings? How? No matter your industry, your service or product, you should have a communications plan underway at all times. Having a good communications strategy for your business involves both...

Do you need business consulting help?

Every business owner needs to think about and plan for the future. That statement seems to be common sense - every business owner already knows that s/he should have a plan to attain and retain growth, attract new customers, and continue offering excellent...

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